Collaterla Valuation

Collateral Valuation

Close loans faster and more cost effectively. We'll work with you to establish an overall valuation strategy that best suits your needs and risk tolerances. Using your underwriting guidelines, we'll help set up a decisioning process that automatically selects the best valuation solution for each loan. As a result, you can manage costs, reduce risk and help ensure consistency across multiple lending locations.

Our valuation tools range from automated valuation models (AVMs) to full appraisals conducted by licensed or certified appraisers. Using ePolicy®, DataQuick's patented product decisioning technology, you'll receive the proper valuation service for each loan based on risk level and key loan characteristics. In addition, you'll get the assurance that your loan processors are adhering to established risk guidelines, regardless of user level experience or origination channel.

  • Broker Price Opinions
    Get more information than an automated valuation without the expense of a full appraisal.
  • Licensed Appraisals  
    Receive objective appraisals from a nationwide network of licensed appraisers.


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